Breeding Specials

See a stud in our herd who might match perfectly with your females? Ask about this year's breeding specials! Samples and histograms are available too. We recommend getting fiber samples from offspring as well to increase the chance that the end result will match your goals.

the newest Daytona cria - born 6/17/18


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ALPACA HARMONY, LLC is located in north central Idaho on the outskirts of the Camas Prairie. Owner, Brandy Vernay Henson, has been involved with the alpaca industry since 1999 and started her own breeding program in 2005.

Our high quality herd, comprised of champion and well-known elite genetics, has grown from carefully selected foundation females with an emphasis on superior fleece quality while maintaining soundness and health. Our alpacas continue to do well in shows, including many championships. They maintain exceptional fineness (as low as 14 microns!), excellent uniformity, and a staple length that keeps the handspinners knocking on our door.

Besides the eye-catching beauty of the alpacas themselves, the products to be made from their fiber have the potential to be absolutely stunning. The yarn from our fleeces are soft, buttery and bright...the kind of product you can't wait to get next to your skin. And all this in a variety of exquisite and sometimes exotic colors. Fiber artists all over the nation are loving our alpaca.

While each alpaca owner/breeder may have different goals, the alpaca has so many characteristics that lend towards a joyful experience for owners: e.g. the mother/cria bond, the playfulness of the crias (and sometimes the adults!), the calm and gentle demeanor of a contently grazing herd, the bond that we get to experience with them, and the creative side of fiber arts...just to name a few. Furthermore, alpacas are also a sustainable livestock. They are efficient eaters and easy on the environment with an appropriate pasture rotation plan. They are also easy to clean up after and generally require limited husbandry such as nail trims, a hair cut, and of course the yearly shearing. And, while there is definitely profit potential with alpaca ownership, they can, at the very least, pay for themselves through fiber & fiber products, along with tax advantages.

Flexible financing available on most purchases.